Ange Postecoglou reveals Champions League ambitions for Celtic

Ange Postecoglou has led an amazing transformation at Celtic. There’s still a lot to do if the season is to end with more trophies, but he and the team are well on track for more success. They sit three points ahead of the Rangers in the Premiership with 7 league games left to be played and are also in the Scottish Cup semi-final. The manager is also planning ahead though and has started to reveal his drive for European success.

In a fascinating interview, Postecoglou spoke at length on many topics. He covered his thoughts on Celtic in Europe this season, but perhaps more excitingly for fans, revealed his desire for Champions League success.

Postecoglou seemed satisfied with the Hoops’ European venture overall this season, despite crashing out against Bodo/Glimt and some mixed results in the Europa League group stages. Given the scale of the task he picked up at Parkhead, perhaps the European challenge came too early.

While speaking with Optus Sport, Postecoglou said:

“Yeah. Look, if you look back on it probably (too soon),” he said.

“I mean, our actual group stage was, was good. We kind of grew into it. We had Leverkusen and they were a fantastic side and Real Betis who were flying in Spain. So I knew it was going to be a massive challenge for us, but when you look at it, we started the group slowly, but we finished pretty decent, pretty strong.

“We ended up winning three games and in a lot of other groups that would’ve got you through. It’s the two games against Bodo/Glimt that we kind of let ourselves down. You’re probably right, it was maybe a bridge too far for us this year to be sort of trying to compete on multiple fronts.”

Ange’s Champions League ambition for Celtic

Celtic fans already love the passion and drive Postecoglou has for the club when he speaks. So he will have them even more excited with the fact that making an impact in the Champions League is the biggest driver for the manager. In the same interview, the manager said:

“(This club) won a European Cup, how many clubs can say that?

“It’s one of those clubs that are in rarefied sort of territory, and when you do that, then that sets a standard that, you need to try and uphold. For me, my goal is to get this football club to be playing Champions League and competing.

“There’s some massive clubs (there), but you also look at some other clubs that do well in the Champions League and you think, well, we can replicate that.”

Postecoglou further added:

“(We) want to be competing in the Champions League, making an impact in the Champions League, and to be honest, that’s the biggest driver for me.

“I know that I need to have domestic success, but the biggest impact I can make at football club is to make an impact in Europe.”

One way or another, the Hoops will get a chance to compete in next season’s Champions League. 2nd place in the Premiership this season provides a place in the qualifying rounds. The real prize though comes from winning the league and securing a place in the Champions League group stage.

Clearly, there is a lot more work to do with the squad and playing style to even just survive in the group stages. Hopefully, the summer transfer window and a pre-season will provide Celtic the opportunity to make those adjustments, if they are able to qualify for the main rounds of the next season’s competition.

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