“Welcome to the club” – BBC presenter reacts as Ange delivers savage title race verdict

We all love these don’t we?

The media’s attempt to get a headline from Ange Postecoglou after another late show at Celtic Park should, by now, be recognised as futile.

The Celtic gaffer continually refuses to get involved in non stories that are cooked up by the media and it seems that they are glutton for punishment, as BBC journalist Paul Barnes found out yesterday.

Speaking to Ange post match on BBC Sportsound, Barnes asked the Hoops gaffer if he thought that the results today were hugely pivotal in the title race, Postecoglou answered in his usual cutting style, “No.

“Because  we were six points behind not long ago.

“So things change very quickly.

“What’s important is even during those times when we were behind, we just focused on what we were doing and that’s what we need to do.

“You say that today. We played really well, dominated the game but the results not a given.

“In football you’ve got to earn everything you get.

“We’ve earned it today and I’m sure going to have to earn everything else from on.”

And the delivery of his verdict resonated with Kenny McIntyre who is all too familiar with Ange’s style as he recognised on the show, “Welcome to the club Paul. 

“I don’t know how many times I’ve asked of Ange Postecoglou and he’s answered with a ‘No’ or ‘Not really mate.’

“He doesn’t really buy into anything we put to him.”

He doesn’t. So maybe it’s time to stop asking those kind of questions?

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