Hugh Keevins and Clyde 1 allow disgraceful slur on Celtic to go unchallenged

I just wish someone at this radio station would take some of their callers to task at some of the complete nonsense that gets said about our club.

On Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, a Rangers fan called the show to take aim at Celtic and told a blatant lie on live radio that went unchallenged by the host, Gordon Duncan, but more so, Hugh Keevins, to who the question was asked.

The caller directly addressed Keevins when he asked, “This is more directly at Hugh being the elder statesman. Hugh could you answer the disgraceful scenes yesterday again. Do you think the Celtic Board have got to take a good look at their self?

“No Celtic manager, I don’t know, in the last 10 years wears a poppy at the side of  the park

“But when they  leave Celtic, Neil Lennon on the telly the other night, Brendan Rodgers they all wear the poppy.

“I know it’s their choice but we keep on getting told, and this is fact, the first Scottish team, the first British team to win the European Cup.

“Why wouldn’t they wear the poppy?” 

The managers in question are obviously Neil Lennon, Brendan Rodgers and Ronny Deila.

All of who have worn the poppy trackside (a simple Google search verifies it) and Rodgers was even praised by a club fanzine, Rangers News, for wearing one.

Ronny Deila, in his time, once even publicly called on the club to look at the issue of fans booing the minute silence back in 2015, when The Herald reported, “I am disappointed in it. It is something the club maybe say something about, but personally it is disappointing.”

“I come from Norway and I don’t know too much about these things, but it is something the club has to deal with.”

Hugh, without correcting the caller, goes on to talk about the embarrassment of not obeying the one minutes silence, which of course it is, but not one single correction or fact check required it seems.

Whilst many would agree that the fans booing of a minutes is wrong, the poppy debate continues and some, it would seem, would rather continue to force or shame people into making a choice they don’t want to which goes against the very the thing it stands for.

Weird that right?

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