“Leave a little bit on him” – Alex Rae’s mask slips when it comes to tackling Celtic players

Remember the phantom tackle on Joe Aribo from Ryan Porteous?

Remember the uproar at the “intent” that was being claimed by pundits and reporters that the boy could have ended Aribo’s career if there was contact?

I do. I also remember Clyde 1 pundit Alex Rae being apoplectic about Porteous’ tackle on the show and making and claiming that these kind of tackles need to be outlawed.

It’s in the archives, if anyone can be bothered to check.

But when it comes to Celtic players? Game on according to Rae.

Speaking on the show, Rae was analysing Jota’s performance as the game went on and as he watched Celtic’s Portuguese winger terrorise the Dundee defence, he made this rather outrageous statement, “I think it’s Cammy Kerr. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.

“He’s beat him three times there and he’s a real quality player this boy [Jota].

“Aw see that carry on, I think if I was Cammy Kerr I would be just getting a little bit closer to leave a little bit on him.”

When challenged by another pundit, Gordon Dalziel that you can’t do that these days, Rae went on, “But you can still lay something on them Daz.

“You said that yesterday when Man United had to closer to Man City, you were going off your head. 

“At least make a tackle you said!

“You can still lay a little bit on him. Nothing too much but just let him know you’re there.”

Leave something on him? How much is something?

Just enough to hurt him or injure him? Take him out the game?

How much force are we talking?

Rae has a long standing tradition of speaking out about Celtic on this show, I’ve written about it many times on here and how he get’s away with what he says unchallenged is beyond me.

Like I said, after all the furore of that Porteous tackle were NO contact was made then to advocate hurting a Celtic player just shows you the agenda of some people in the media.

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