Celtic fans react to latest Eddie Howe to Newcastle United update

Not too long ago, Eddie Howe was expected to become the Celtic manager. We all know things did not quite turn out as expected in that saga. Now, he looks set to become the next Newcastle United manager but the latest update surrounding that move has given a lot of Hoops fans a sense of deja vu.

For most of the summer, it was believed that it was only a matter of time before Howe took the Celtic job. But then, things did not work out in the final stages and the move did not happen.

Instead, the Hoops ended up appointing Ange Postecoglou. And to be honest, most fans must be very content with that, considering how much improvement this side has shown recently and the kind of football that they are playing.

On the other hand, Howe looks like the heavy favourite to get the Newcastle United job. But it is not over the line yet. Fabrizio Romano tweeted out:

As expected, many Celtic fans reacted to this news:

Celtic fans have reacted to the latest Howe to Newcastle United update

It is believed that the backroom staff was one of the reasons that the Howe to Celtic move did not end up taking place.

But to be honest, one does feel that the switch to Newcastle United almost has to happen. It is perhaps the most exciting managerial job in football at the moment.

Following the club’s recent takeover, Newcastle United are expected to witness a rise similar to what Manchester City did over a decade ago and could eventually end up challenging for the Premier League in a few years’ time. Most managers in world football would want to take on that role at this point of time.

It was a surprise when Howe’s Celtic move did not end up happening. It would be a much bigger surprise if something similar ends up happening with this Newcastle United move.

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