Celtic manager gives brilliant response to Rangers question

Ange Postecoglou has come in and quickly become a fan favourite amongst the Celtic supporters. His appointment might not have excited a lot of them, but what they have seen on the pitch since then certainly has. And there is no doubt about the fact that the manager has the backing of the fans right now. It is not just how well the team has done on the pitch that has made him such a popular figure though.

Postecoglou has made quite a name for himself for how he has dealt with the media since arriving as Celtic manager.

His response when asked about whether playing before the Rangers gives this Celtic side extra incentive is a classic example of that. It must be pointed out that the Hoops have a chance to go 6-point clear, albeit having played a game more, when they take on Ross County.

As reported by The National, the Celtic manager said:

“Zero. I don’t look at other fixtures and I don’t look at other results.

“What concerns me is what we do. That’s what we’ve done all year and that’s what we’ll continue to do.

“You know what happens at the end of this round, in terms of the points and how the table looks, well there’s only one fixture we can control and that’s ours.

“If we get our three points then we know what we’re going to be and it’s for the others to find their points.

“But it has zero relevance to our mindset and what we’re trying to achieve.”

Postecoglou gives brilliant response when asked Celtic-Rangers question

Celtic are currently leading the Rangers in the Premiership table by 3 points, with 8 more league games left to be played. Thus, it is safe to say that almost every game moving forward is almost a must win for both Glasgow sides.

But no matter how this season ends, Postecoglou deserves immense credit for the job that he has done since arriving as Celtic manager.

It is important to remember that this side had finished 25 points behind the Rangers just last season. And now, not only do they have a genuine chance to win back the league title just a season later, but they are also in the driver’s seat.

Of course, there is still some way to go for them and a couple of Glasgow Derbies in the league to be played. But overall, the Hoops must be delighted with how far they have come.

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