Major twist in Celtic vs Rangers friendly in Australia

The ‘Ange Homecoming’ trip to Australia for Celtic has caused a lot of controversy. It is not hard to see why the Hoops might be looking to head Down Under later this year, when there will be a gap in the club footballing calendar due to the World Cup in Qatar. But then, the controversy comes from the plans for a friendly Glasgow Derby against the Rangers.

It looks like there could be more twists to come though, when it comes to the Sydney Super Cup, which involves Celtic, their Glasgow rivals and two teams from Australia.

Fans from both Glasgow clubs have not taken the news well, with the Rangers supporters appearing to be the unhappier of the two as rumours suggest that they are going to receive a significantly lower fee for the tour compared to Celtic. And it being promoted as the ‘Ange Homecoming’ makes it seem like they are just playing second fiddle.

Amidst all this, doubts have been raised about the game though, as it looks like the launch may have been premature. As tweeted out by Jason Pine, there appear to be some issues that have not been resolved yet:

Could the Celtic vs Rangers friendly be in danger of being called off?

It will be interesting to see how things unfold from here, as there appear to be issues that still need to be resolved with the organisation of the tour.

The launch did seem a bit odd with some rumours on social media breaking first, followed by uncoordinated statements and messages from the clubs.

Either way, it looks as if the trip to Australia and the potential Glasgow Derby is not a complete guarantee yet. And that might be a blow to both clubs, at least financially, as the tour is expected to be very lucrative.

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