“I don’t buy that” – Surely this former Celt is not claiming Postecoglou lied at the weekend?

There has been various opinions about Celtic’s penalty at the weekend.

We have had numerous amounts of pundits from Hugh Keevins, Alex Rae and the BBC Sportsound team all have their say on who should have taken the penalty and why it wasn’t Juranovic and the worrying part?

They all seem to be suggesting that Callum McGregor should have undermined Celtic boss, Ange Postecoglou and told Juranovic to take the spot kick instead of Giakoumakis.

That in itself is disturbing and and creates a narrative in the media that seems to be advocating that Celtic players should be allowed to ignore the specific instructions of their manager.

I’ve never heard such rubbish in my life.

But now, here we have a former Celtic player not only suggesting the players wrestle with each other to claim the penalty duties but he is also accusing the Celtic manager of lying to the media when he said he put Giakoumakis on penalty duty.

Speaking to The Daily Record, former Hoops winger Joe Miller said,  “There will be a regret that they missed that chance to go top and ramp up the pressure a bit on Rangers.

“The chance was there with the penalty. Giakoumakis has grabbed the ball but Juranovic has scored the last two so should have grabbed it back.

“Keep taking them til you miss, that’s how it should be.

“The manager should have been screaming at Juranovic to take it – I don’t buy that he put Giakoumakis on penalty duty.”

Quite the claim from Miller and one that he is way off the mark with.

Postecoglou has been nothing but open and honest since the day he got to Celtic.

What on earth would he possibly gain in the grand scheme of things by lying about something so trivial.

Some people will say anything to keep themselves relevant.

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