Celtic dealing with Scottish referee situation behind the scenes

One of the biggest debates in Scottish football in recent times has been the refereeing situation and some of the decisions that the officials have made, which have had a direct impact on results and the Premiership table. Celtic have felt hard done by on a number of occasions but the situation has been similar for many clubs.

There have been some rumours about VAR being introduced in the near future but things are not clear about that situation till now.

A Celtic Fan Forum was held recently and perhaps as expected, a question about the refereeing situation was raised.

A Twitter used named Ginty1888, who asks questions for The Cynic, tweeted out a very interesting answer regarding how the club are dealing with the refereeing situation:

Celtic appear to be dealing with Scottish referee situation behind the scenes

The answer from the club is promising although it remains to be seen how the plans work out in the future.

VAR could certainly be a game changer in Scottish football although as we have seen in the past in the Premier League, a lot could depend on how it is implemented. Otherwise, at times it could end up causing more problems than it solves.

There is no question though that VAR is very much a part of football right now and looks set to stay that way moving forward. Thus, sooner or later, Scottish football will need to embrace it.

It would solve a lot of questions that have been raised about the refereeing in recent times as well. There have been quite a few questionable calls regarding penalties while off-side calls have turned out to be wrong at times as well.

The fact of the matter is there will always be human error when it comes to refereeing. But with VAR now in play, it has made it possible to reduce those errors by a lot.

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