Do Celtic and Rangers in the Champions League benefit Scottish football?

There is a possibility that the Rangers might join Celtic in the Champions League group stages next season. They are set to face Eintracht Frankfurt in the final of the Europa League in Seville. Would Scottish football benefit though if both Glasgow giants made it to Europe’s elite competition in the upcoming campaign? BBC does raise an interesting question.

Celtic have, of course, already qualified for the group stages for the coming season by winning the Premiership title. Their Glasgow neighbours will get the chance to do the same later this week. So, the question is hypothetical for the time being.

The two clubs’ wage bills are already hefty without Champions League football. They are well above the norm for the rest of the Scottish Premiership teams.

There is already a huge gap even before the additional European revenue from next season is considered. And one would imagine that that would only increase if both clubs were in the Champions League next season.

Would Scottish football be benefited by Celtic and Rangers being in the Champions League?

Scotland’s coefficient does also get a boost from success in Europe and helps reduce the number of qualifying rounds that Scottish teams have to play. That’s evident this year with Hearts already guaranteed some form of European group stage football in either the Europa League or the Europa Conference League next season.

Thus, it adds some welcome boost for the other teams through their own bonuses from European exploits. Plus it makes those clubs just a little bit more attractive for players.

But, at the same time, one also has to consider the difference in revenues from the Champions League and the other two European competitions.

It does help with increasing the competitiveness in Scottish football to a very limited extent and give the players some European experience, even if they are not playing for either of the Glasgow giants.

Realistically, with the two Glasgow teams so far ahead of the rest already, the presence of both in the Champions League makes no real difference to Scottish football overall, at least on a club level.

But at the same time, if they can get to the competition on a consistent basis and make some short of impact there, it would make the Premiership more attractive and could bring bigger sponsors in the future, which would benefit all Scottish clubs.

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