Ange Postecoglou comment shows why Celtic have been successful

Ange Postecoglou’s runs as Celtic manager has been a glowing success till now, no matter how this season ends. There were very little expectations coming into this campaign and most fans realised that it was a transitional time for the club. They had finished 25 points behind the Rangers in the league last season, had lost several key players over the summer, had had to bring in a new manager and several new players as well.

Thus, it was not the easiest road ahead for the Bhoys and the timing was not great, with a Champions League spot up for grabs.

As a result, considering the circumstances, Celtic have done an incredible job. They have already won the Scottish League Cup and currently sit three points ahead of the Rangers in the Premiership table. That is an achievement in itself when you think about how far apart these two teams were less than a year back.

And a huge reason behind this success has been Postecoglou’s commitment and belief in his own style of football. While speaking on Open Goal and as reported by 67 Hail Hail, the Celtic manager said:

“I’m not going to change. Nothing is going to happen while I’m here – there’s no result or no pressure that is going to change me or the way I play my football. You’re never going to stop this bus. I made that pretty clear at the start, not in a way that’s my way or the highway, but I want people to believe in it.

“To be fair to the guys here they’ve been really open and have embraced it on and off the field. That’s why it has turned around as quickly as it has.”

Postecoglou comment shows why Celtic have been so successful this season

It is safe to say that Postecoglou is completely committed to the way that he wants his teams to play and it is great to see that the Celtic players have bought in to his ways as well, and we are seeing the results on the pitch.

The belief that this team has is clearly visible through how many times they have snatched victory from the jaws of a draw, even when they were nowhere near their best.

They have already won more league games this season than they did in the entirety of the last and even though the manner of their European exit was disappointing, they did hold their own against the likes of Real Betis and Bayer Leverkusen, and signs are bright for the future.

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