Ryan Christie explains why Celtic failed to win 10IAR

The 2020/21 season was expected to be a historical one for Celtic. The club had won the league title for nine straight seasons and done so in dominant fashion, and most people expected them to complete the 10 in a row, something that had never been done in Scottish football. We all know how it went from there, and it was not a happy ending for the Hoops to say the least.

Celtic’s season completely went off the tracks. Neil Lennon would step down in the middle of the campaign, but by then, all hopes of winning the league had already evaporated.

Ultimately, the club would finish the season 25 points behind the Rangers in the Premiership table and without a single piece of silverware as well, completely unexpected for a team that was coming off of a Quadruple Treble.

What went wrong? Nobody really knows. Ryan Christie has tried to put the pieces of the jigsaw together though. As reported by Football Scotland, the former Celtic star said:

“It was strange, even to this day I look back at it as what could have been.

“It was probably an accumulation of all sorts of reasons.

“I hate to play the Covid card but it certainly didn’t help and as a squad we just didn’t gel or put together a run of results at any point to gain that confidence.

“It felt like it was getting worse and worse and at a club like Celtic because we’d been so dominant domestically, as soon as that went off course a little bit it seemed to throw everyone off.

“Us, the supporters, everybody. It was a bit of a shock and we didn’t deal with that too well.”

Christie explains why Celtic failed to win 10IAR

The 2020/21 campaign was a disaster for Celtic to say the least. And not only did it end the club’s 10IAR hopes, but it put them in a terrible position going into the following seasons as well.

Thankfully, Celtic have done much better than anybody could have expected of them. Most fans must have been considering this as a ‘transitional’ campaign. Instead, they have already won the Scottish League Cup and are competing for the league with the Rangers as well.

In fact, they have a three point lead right now. And no matter how it ends, Ange Postecoglou as well as the players deserve a lot of credit.

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