Massive VAR claim made about Celtic and Rangers

There were more questionable decisions in several weekend matches leading to further calls for VAR to be introduced in Scottish football but should Celtic and the Rangers end up taking matters into their own hands in this regard? Firstly there is always the debate on whether the system should be introduced in Scotland. Decisions, or the lack of them, at the weekend again underlined the question marks though.

It will be up to the VAR team to get calls right. Otherwise, it may not deliver much advantage. Hopefully, a little more time to replay incidents would lead to added clarity and better decision making.

The talks on how VAR should be introduced and implemented in Scotland continue, and of course cost becomes an important factor. It is believed that it would cost a potential £100,000 per club per season in the Premiership, with the SFA are believed to be aiming to help facilitate its introduction.

But as reported by the Daily Record, speaking on his talkSPORT show, Jim White, said regarding the situation:

“The Old Firm will be paying the same as Ross County.

“There is an argument, why don’t the Old Firm take care of the whole lot? Just to get it implemented if they wanted to get a better league.

“The move was packed particularly by the Old Firm, by Rangers and Celtic, who believe that Scottish football will be left behind by other leagues if it doesn’t keep up with the implementation of technology if they want it that badly, why don’t they just pay for it?”

Should Celtic and Rangers pay for introduction of VAR in Scotland?

Simon Jordan has questioned why the two Glasgow giants would do that though. As reported by Football Scotland, he told talkSPORT:

“They’re not going to do it. Why would Rangers and Celtic want to take on a £600,000 cost for other teams that are going to get the benefit when they go and play them.”

There is already a question mark over the system and decisions that come out of it, which should surely mean that it needs to be as independent as possible. Thus, it would not make sense for only two clubs to pay for it, as questions would be asked every time a decision goes their way.

There is a suggestion about the SPFL using a small portion of the Champions League club’s purse in order to help in the introduction of VAR, which might very possibly be a better way to go about things.

Whatever happens, when we get to a vote on VAR in Scotland, expected in the Spring, there’s likely to be plenty of disagreement over the matter.

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