Celtic SLO fires Europa Conference League warning to Green Brigade

The Green Brigade have been outstanding for the Celtic support in our most recent history.

No one can argue about the colour, passion and atmosphere they bring to the stadium on each hand every match day. And of course to the away section of the support.

Their TIFO’s are the envy of Europe. Their charity work for the most vulnerable people is society is top class.

But with that, comes the other side they bring to the support that is less popular, maybe not with the fans, but absolutely with the board.

Some of the political messages are clearly frowned upon by the Celtic hierarchy. The support for Palestine is also a bone of contention for some.

But the main issue is their use of pyrotechnics.

There is absolutely no doubt they brought colour and passion to the latest Glasgow Derby but that brough consequences.

With the standing section shut down because of the use of flares, the clubs SLO released a statement ahead of the Europa Conference tie against Bodo Glimt via twitter, “Since 2016 our Rail Seat Section has been the envy of fans across the country

“We all have a responsibility (Club/Fans) to maintain this and protect the long term future of the section

“On Thursday please do not attend the Rail Seat Section unless you have a valid ticket🎫🍀”

Why anyone would try and attend the match without one is bizarre but it seems that this warning has been sent with a view to reminding the fans that the continued use of flares will threaten the future of the standing section.

And going by the atmosphere created  against Raith Rovers in yesterdays cup tie, that would be disastrous.

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