Hugh Keevins latest Postecoglou headline are miles off the mark

The man Celtic fans love to hate doesn’t get many things right about these days about Celtic.

In fact, he’s got so many things wrong the man has almost become a parody.

But in his latest column in The Daily Record, Keevins the headline said, “Ange Postecoglou and his Celtic knack to dismiss the unhelpful proves he’s got our game worked out”

So what you like about Ange Postecoglou, the man is a straight talker and takes no nonsense from anyone.

Especially the Scottish press.

All too often he has faced questions bordering on insulting and has had to put up with headlines claiming the league was ove and that his job is under scrutiny.

Hugh is miles off it here. It’s not only has our game he has worked out, it’s the press.

Ange had them sussed as soon as he stepped into Celtic Park.

The press conference announcing him to the press proved it. Subsequent questions in pressers after that where journalists tried to question his knowledge of the game only strengthened it.

And then there was Hugh himself where after the defeat at Tynecastle in the first game of the season, THE FIRST GAME, he headlined with Ange: Absolutely Not Good Enough.

But Hugh got it right. Ange has the measure of something in our game.

The press.

And they don’t like it one, single bit.

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