Celtic manager responds to Neil Lennon’s comments

Celtic have undergone quite a transformation under the management of Ange Postecoglou as manager. It is almost hard to imagine that this is the same side that had finished 25 points behind the Rangers last season and without a single trophy. The manager has won over the fans quickly and he has gotten the thumbs up from two of his predecessors at the Parkhead hot seat as well.

To some extent that doesn’t make a huge difference, but as a relative unknown to many when arriving at Parkhead in the summer, Postecoglou must be happy with how quickly things have gone his way.

Getting a positive endorsement from the likes of Martin O’Neill and Neil Lennon, both of whom won enjoyed a tremendous amount of success at Celtic, is quite impressive to say the least, especially for a manager who has not even been at the club for a year.

Lennon was clearly impressed with Celtic’s performance against the Rangers in the recent Glasgow Derby and O’Neill has made no secret of his admiration for the way Postecoglou has turned this team around, around two decades after he had done something similar.

Celtic manager responds to Lennon and O’Neill

As reported by the Daily Record, when asked about it, Postecoglou said:

“It’s not something that I think about a lot in terms of the whole approval thing but they are two people who were very, very successful at this football club.

“Neil Lennon is a Celtic man. He was here as a player and a manager. Part of my role is to represent everyone at this club including past players and managers.

“Hopefully I produce a team they are proud of because they will always have an association with this club and I know that they want this club to do well.

“If I’m pleasing them then I’m happy because it means I’m taking the club in the right direction.”

Alongside those former managers, the Celtic fans are clearly delighted with Postecoglou and the style of football that he has brought to Parkhead with him.

There’s a long way to go to if the club are to lift more trophies this season to sit alongside the Scottish League Cup that they had already added to their cabinet earlier on.

It’s fair to say Postecoglou has exceeded many expectations so far. Sitting at the top of the Premiership along with a place in the Scottish Cup quarter finals has them in a better place right now then most would have imagined at the start of the campaign.

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