Why Celtic manager has not revealed much about Kyogo injury

It has been a busy season of injuries for Celtic with multiple key players being forced to spend time on the sidelines. Ange Postecoglou though isn’t giving much away when it comes to return timelines of these players. Is this the manager just keeping cards close to his chest and keeping opponents guessing? Or is there more to it than just that and has something to do with his time in Japan?

While fans and the media are all keen to know what’s happening and when players will be available again, Postecoglou prefers to keep the details more private and the timelines pretty vague. A “number of weeks” has become a common expression, leaving people guessing as to how many that might be.

Right now, there is very limited information available about what is keeping Kyogo Furuhashi out for such a long time. There have even been rumours that the Japanese star might need surgery.

When asked about it though, Postecoglou was clear that he was not going to talk about people’s medical procedures. As reported by The Scotsman, the Celtic manager said:

“I’m not going to talk about people’s medical procedures. That’s people’s private business.

“It’s not that I am saying he will or he won’t [require an operation], but my job is to tell you guys when potentially he will be back. I have to respect people’s privacy here and people shouldn’t be throwing around rumours and stuff.”

Why Postecoglou has not revealed much about Celtic injuries

There is a suggestion that this lack of detail regarding injuries is not uncommon in Japan. Dan Orlowitz tweeted out:

It looks like that there are many clubs in Japan who do not give details about injuries and surgeries are only announced days after they take place.

Thus, as things stand, it is hard to estimate when Kyogo will be back in action. The situation is similar for Callum McGregor as well.

Some rumours suggest that he could be back in a protective mask to take on the Rangers. Others suggest that the Celtic captain could be out for a while and might even end up needing surgery.

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