Celtic’s early winter break hopes handed boost by SPFL

As it emerged that the capacity of fans in attendance would be reduced to just 500 from December 26 for a three week period, Celtic are one of the clubs who have pushed for the winter break to be accelerated. As things stand, the current winter break is scheduled to start from January 3 and run till January 21. But considering the current circumstances, it makes a lot of sense to bring it forward.

It would allow for the fixtures to hopefully not be affected by the new crowd restrictions. And at the end of the day, the health and safety of the public is the most important thing.

Celtic’s hopes of the winter break being brought forward have been handed a major boost. As reported by the The Scottish Sun, 10 out of the 12 Premiership clubs are in favour of the move. The Rangers and Ross County are the two clubs who are believed to be against the move.

And now, as reported by Sky Sports, SPFL have given all 12 Premiership clubs until 5 pm to indicate their preference on when the winter break should start.

Celtic’s early winter break hopes handed boost by SPFL

It remains to be seen what decision ultimately ends up being taken. For the moment, there appear to be three options.

The first one is to continue as planned and start the winter break on January 3. The second is to start the break after the upcoming Boxing Day fixtures. And the third is to start the break before Sunday’s games.

It will be interesting to see what ultimately turns out to be the decision and when the break does eventually start. It is promising though that the majority of the Premiership clubs are in favour of an early winter break. And to be honest, that is the path which makes a lot of sense in this situation.

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