“I don’t think that’s true” – Another ex Hoops star joins the anti Celtic bandwagon and suggest Postecoglou lied

I genuinely don’t know what it is with ex Celtic players and their scathing criticism of the club.

I don’t take any great joy in saying this, but sometimes I am envious at the backing former Rangers players give their club.

Not one of them, and I am talking from experience here only, rounds on their club when things are going wrong.

Now that can be a bad thing as well as we all found out when Rangers got liquidated, but still, the amount of ex Celtic players willing to stick the boot into the club at any given opportunity is a disgrace.

A couple of days ago I wrote about former Celtic winger, Joe Miller, and his thinly veiled accusation that Postecoglou allegedly lied about who was the actual penalty taker last Saturday.

Quire why Ange would feel the need to lie about such a thing is beyond me, but here we have, yet again, another former Hoops star willing to stick his size nines into the club and manager for teh sake of a pay cheque and a few likes on social media.

Speaking to Football Insider [as posted by Facebook page Celtic Insider],“The fans were not happy,”McAvennie told Football Insider correspondent Ben Wild.

“That goal would have given us three points we really didn’t deserve.

“The manager has backed the player and he’s sort of taken the blame for that.

“I don’t think that’s true. I think Giakoumakis wanted that penalty. McGregor should have stepped in and said no.

“That penalty was one of the worst I’ve ever seen, certainly for Celtic. I don’t want him on pens again.

“If you are taking a penalty in the 93rd minute, you have to give yourself a chance.

“Just put your foot through it. The keeper could have gone the wrong way and still saved it.

“Who side-foots a penalty?”

Wow. Just wow.

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