“Celtic missed a trick” – Mark Guidi makes bizarre Celtic manager claim. What is he talking about?

The Celtic managerial merry go round this year was a circus.

Absolutely no doubt about that. From Eddie Howe to Lucien Favre to even Thierry Henry, the amount of names linked to the Hoops top job was the veritable who’s who of world football.

But one thing that was for certain was that current West Ham manage David Moyes, was never in the running. How do I know?

Because The Celtic Star reported back in July of this year that Moyes admitted himself, that even though contact was made, there was never any serious negotiations that took place, “Over the years there’s been approaches and talks, but we never got to a stage where anything got too serious.

“To manage Celtic you need to be special and realise the size of club it is.

“I think there will be a time when I choose to come back.”

So why then did journalist, Mark Guidi, then decide to claim that Celtic ‘missed a trick’ by not appointing Moyes?

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi was speaking glowingly about The Hammers gaffer when he made this bizarre claim, “He’s been brilliant.

You look at his CV. I think he’s coming up to 1000 games in charge as a manager, which is a hell of a achievement.

“He’s only 55/56 and he’s recovered from the setback of Man United.

“And that hit him hard. That hit him really, really hard and no wonder the way he was treated there by some of the players and the hierarchy.

“It was absolutely appalling.

“He was left hanging out to dry but he’s recovered and Celtic missed a trick by not appointing him a couple of years ago when he was out of work.

“Celtic really missed a trick.”

How exactly was that trick missed?

If there was never any serious contact made how could Celtic have missed this appointment if negotiations were never even held?

I genuinely wonder if these pundits actually think about what they are saying before they go ahead and blurt out opinion as fact?

Because surely they know that people like me will look into what people like them claim about our club to make sure that it is factual and correct right?

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