Hugh Keevins makes incredible Callum McGregor penalty taker claim.

Hugh Keevins certainly has a knack for putting his foot in it when it comes to Celtic.

I wrote last night about his wild assertion that Postecoglou had a disastrous weekend after the 0-0 draw with Livingston and I” also be writing later about another claim he made which didn’t actually happen, but for now, I’ll stick to this one.

In his latest weekend rantings, Keevins seemingly suggests that a direct instruction from Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou should have been IGNORED by the Hoops captain Callum McGregor after the radio pundit claimed that Greek striker Giorgos Giakoumakis had an awful afternoon.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Keevins was pressed by presenter Gordon Duncan to qualify his statement, but in true fashion, Keevins could not give a straight answer

“I’ll bow to the three guys here [Alex Rae, Mark Wilson and Gordon Dalziel] who are all former professional footballers.

“But I don’t understand, if you say at three o’clock Giakoumakis is the designated penalty taker, if you can see that Giakoumakis is having an awful afternoon.”

Cutting Keevins off, Duncan butted in, “But when you say awful, I mean the full team couldn’t get going and he was a bit quiet. It’s not like he’s missed seven sitters at this point. Ok then, was Juranovic having a better afternoon?”

Keevins: “If you sign a forward for two and a half million pounds. I’m looking for something more than Celtic got off him today.”

Duncan: “Absolutely. But what I’m saying is  was Juranovic having a better afternoon? How does that boost his credentials to take the penalty?”

Keevins: “Again, I bow to the three pros. But if I look at a guy who’s having an awful afternoon, I think Callum McGregor is entitled to say, “Listen, Juranovic should take it.”

Duncan: “I get that but the question asked which I’ve not really had answer. 

“If Giakoumakis is the designated penalty taker, of course he didn’t play well today, but he didn’t have a type of afternoon that’s going to make you override that decision did he?”

And why would McGregor over ride the Celtic managers instructions? Could you imagine the uproar if he did?

There would have been a bigger fallout from THAT than the missed penalty itself  would have generated.

There would have been dressing room split claims and mutiny headlines if McGregor did override his managers instructions. And what if Juranovic missed?

These kind of opinions do nothing but cause controversy where there needs to be none.

It was a poor afternoon by all at Celtic.

It was only a missed penalty. Let’s not make this bigger than it needs to be.

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