“I’m well aware of Walter Smith mate” – Watch Ange’s disdain at another inane reporter question

Even on a day like this, reporters still can’t seem to grasp that Ange Postecoglou has a serious knowledge of world football.

You would think that after all this time, the stupid questions would have stopped and the reporters would ask the Celtic manager serious questions.

Ok, the question was serious, but maybe that’s the point here.

Every press conference that Ange attends seems to attract a question that cast doubt on whether or not Postecoglou has a REAL understanding of football.

And as the Celtic boss was paying tribute to the late Walter Smith, a reporter popped up with one of those questions that Ange himself couldn’t hide his frustration with,

Reporter: “Did you ever hear the name of Walter Smith when you were coming up as a manager? I mean, is he a man that sort of transcended across the board in a sense?

Ange: “Yes, yes, yes, Australia. I know. But yeah, well aware of Walter Smith mate.

“I’m well aware of his record at Rangers, with Scotland and Everton.

“His standing in the game worldwide is, trust me, I know him by name name very, very well.

“And particularly, I guess, the era that I grew up he was one of those people who you knew had a great standing in the game, even from the other side of the world.

“So I can assure you that his loss will be felt globally and in Australia absolutely.

“Because, as I’ve said many times there’s a really strong expat community there from Scotland and the UK, who would be saddened by his loss.”

Yeah, these guys never learn!

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