Journalist bites back after ridiculous Celtic article was taken apart Hoops fans

I seen this story break yesterday and instead of laughing at it, I really should have covered it.

Douglas Alexander of The Sunday Times, wrote a match piece about Celtic’s 2-0 victory against St Johnstone at Parkhead and the headline pretty much sums up the content of the article, “Celtic toil to get the job done”.

Anyone that watched the game know that Celtic certainly did not toil and that they got the job done efficiently and effectively.

Celtic fans are savvy. They know the stats of the game so I wont bore you with those.

I had seen a few other Celtic bloggers took the journalist to task that wrote it so I carried on my merry way. Until it popped up again on my timeline.

But this time, it got better. Alexander tried to defend his piece when asked about it by a Celtic fan and his response was, “Barking up the wrong tree Ronnie and co if you think I support Rangers just because I have been mildly critical of Celtic.

Ask anyone who knows me including your fellow fans and they will happily confirm I support neither.

Usual nonsense from both sides that you support the other.”

And of course, as soon as Alexander said he was mildly critical of the teams performance, well that just made it worse.

Football fans are not daft. They can see when the team plays poorly or struggled and Celtic did neither of those so why not hold your hands up and say you got it wrong?

But then that reminds of this piece I wrote a few weeks ago. Is Postecoglou the bad cop? It certainly looks like it.

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