Listen to former Celts dumbfounded reaction when PFA Chief Executive explains latest ‘honest mistake’

The Cameron Carter Vickers booking (or should that be the Chris Kane NO sending off) was the biggest controversial desicion this weekend.

As the big Celtic defender lay on the ground, the St Johnstone striker took a few swings with his boot to the American and then appeared to swing a punch at the Hoops stopper as a melee broke out after his misdemeanour.

As the pundits on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard analysed the kicking, host, Gordon Duncan was very candid when he calls out Kane’s ‘attempt’ to get the ball as both players tussled on the ground, “In fact, you know what?

“Look at where the ball is.

“I not sure he even tries to kick the ball.

“Tell you what. That’s naughty isn’t it?”

As the referee tried to regain control of the match and subsequetly booked both Kane AND Carter Vickers, Duncan read out a statement from the PFA Chief Executive Fraser Wishart, who was working on the show, as he explained why the Hoops defender was shown a yellow card, “The man who knows everything. Fraser Wishart says when a number of players from both teams get involved in shoving, refs are told to book one from either team.”

Former Celtic defender couldn’t believe that the referee’s are told to do this and he was extremely surprised as he replied, “Is that right?”

The word’s here don’t do it justice so have a listen:

And the most frustrating part is that the appeal cannot be appealed and Kane cannot be retrospectively punished as the referee is deemed to have dealt with the incident at the time.

These pesky refs and their ‘honest mistakes’.

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