“Al had a nightmare there! ” – BBC pundits squirm as Postecoglou slaps down post match reporter

I’ve written a few times about this subject on Vital Celtic. And it is one that annoys the life out of me.

I’ve listened, on occasion, to the BBC Sportsound podcast post match and some of their lines of questioning towards Ange has left a lot to be desired.

None more so than last nights shambolic effort by Alasdair Lamont.

The BBC journalist had a rather incredible take on last nights performance in his post match interview:

Lamont: “Ange Congratulations. Was that a fully deserved three points ultimately for you?”

Ange: “You don’t think?”

Reporter: “No, I’m asking you.”

Ange: “A funny question to start with! I think a well deserved for sure and I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

“I think we controlled the game really well right from the start. They’re a good team. They showed against Leverkusen and Betis.

“I thought we controlled the first half well.

“They had to work really hard to sort of stifle us a little bit but we still created some chances.

“We kind of knew second half, they would tire a little bit because they were working so hard and the game opened up.

“We’ve got a really good goal and after that we thought we could add a couple more.

“They stuck to their task and I thought we were really disciplined right to the end.”

Lamont: “We were saying in commentary, that by his own standards, Kyogo was maybe having a quieter game than usual.

“Finding it a little bit difficult to get into the game almost.

“But it was some way to announce himself into the game. The first goal was a thing of beauty wasn’t it?”

Ange: “Definitely must have been a half glass full commentary today?”

And Ange had to go on to defend his strikers performance even though there was absolutely no need to but you could tell that the line of question did leave him feeling rather perplexed.

The BBC pundits, however, tried to mask their embarrassment under laughter at the line of questioning but it was clear they did try to distance themselves from Lamont’s nightmare, “Well, Al had a nightmare at the start of that didn’t he? An absolute nightmare.

“I think what we need to do is make sure that Ange gets to listen into the podcast to hear how positive we all were about Celtic’s performance.

“Yeah, if you’re gonna get the wrong side of the manager, it is good to do it when he’s in a good frame of mind when he’s just had a win like that.”

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